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We Can Get Your Business Online, Making Sales Over the Internet
Why You Should

Sell Digitally

Increase Revenue

By reaching millions of customers online with a store that is open 24/7 you are lo longer limited by geographical location, or operating hours. Furthermore, with an online store to showcase your products, customers can reserve online and pickup in store

Increase Brand Awareness

It is much easier to stand out online as opposed to a retail location, even with the millions of potential buyers. With a successful online store, customers will naturally share your products with trier contacts leading to increased customer reach

Increase Productivity

With a well configured eStore, you can automate the majority of your work and dedicate more of your time to what you yourself. You can automatically accept payments, remove items from inventory when sold out, and keep track of your sucess

eCommerce is Rising Rapidly

The adoption of e-commerce is rapidly growing. If you want to ensure you business stays competitive in the new digital landscape you need an online store that is accessible for all.

Online shopping


For the majority of our clients, we recommend Shopify for their eStore. However, we also build solutions with SquareSpace, WooCommerce, and others.

If you are already selling through eBay, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, or Kijiji our solutions will integrate with your current sales channel.

Every eStore Setup Includes:


Curate bundles and suggested similar items for customers of your products


Configured shipping to help send out your products, and keep customers informed


We consult you for design and layout of your store to portray your brand correctly


We use the latest web security standards, and SSL encryption for security


Integrated search functionality to help customers browse


Keep track of how your store is performing, including live visitors


Ability to get paid by most major Credit Cards, as well as other payment methods


Initial training and 30 days of support is included with any eStore Setup

If you don't already sell online, you are missing out on:

Canadian Shoppers

Number Of Online Sales

In 2010, Canadians placed nearly 114 million orders while shopping online, totalling an approximate $15.3 billion in sales. By 2020 that figure has reached over $40 Billion. However, Almost half of Canadian online purchases are made with retailers from outside of the country. If your products are not online, you are missing out on crucial sales

International Reach

Your Store Can Sell Anywhere

The majority of items sold online can be shipped to any nation around the world. Have your brand no longer be limited by geographical limitation and those traveling to your store

Local Shoppers

Many local shoppers browse locations close to them

Many online shoppers would prefer to pick up their online purchases at brick and mortar locations, rather than having the item shipped to their home or office. Even if they don’t choose in-store pickup, having the choice matters to many as they head to the store to inspect it before deciding to purchase

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