Online Sales Grew Up to 625% in Some Sectors In Canada Due to Coronavirus

Closed sign hanging on door of cafe due to Covid-19

Data From Statista Shows Impact COVID-19 Took On Retail Sales

COVID-19 has forced retailers in almost every part of Canada to temporarily close their physical storefronts during the first two quarters of 2020. Small business owners and major retailers were both left scrambling to find ways to continue operations and allow customers to purchase their goods.

Businesses undertook several different solutions to continue sale which included physically distanced aisles and checkouts, curbside pickup, and online orders.

Newly released data from Statista shows that consumer purchases of goods online rose significantly in several shopping sectors. 


Closed sign hanging on door of cafe due to Covid-19
Shopping online
Washing machine
Tools for a construction

Household Appliances, Electronics, Building Materials, and DIY

These three categories of consumer goods saw a 625% rise in sales online between March and May 2020. 

Comparing the same period in 2018 to 2019, these categories actually saw a 5% drop in sales. With many Canadians moving to a work from home solution either temporarily or permanently the idea of fixing up what is now both your living and work space was on the mind of many. 

These category of goods in most regions were also considered essential and remained open during the forced closure of physical operations to many other businesses.


Furniture and Home Decor

With so many people now spending the majority of their time at home Canadians are making sure to “get comfy” with the idea of not goign out. Furniture and Home Decor saw a 336% rise in sales compared to last year. Hot items include desks, office chairs, and patio furniture

Home decor japanese historic style

Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods sales rose by 283%  as Canadians searched for ways to stay busy during COVID-19 lockdowns. 

You may have found yourselves among the many skipping between sites on the internet for any available skipping rope or other workout equipment you could fit in your home. Treadmills, personal weights, stationary bikes, and chin-up bars were selling out in many retailers.

Home gym in the mansard
Food delivery service

Food and Restaurants

As many local restaurants were forced to not allow patrons to dine in their establishments during COVID-19 restrictions many found alternatives in online pickup and delivery orders. 

Food and Restaurants saw a 203% rise in online sales 


Delivery found a dramatic increase in sales compared to last year as it continues to service more areas in Canada.  Some of the rising stars include Skip The Dishes, Instacart, and Uber Eats. Grocers such as Walmart and SuperStore also encouraged their customer to use their online shopping tools where customers could come pick the food up at the curb.

Clothes on sale


Clothing sales rose by 175% online this year so far. With many Canadians no longer attending the office every day, some chose to purchase new office attire that includes comfortable pajama bottoms and an easy to pull over sweater (for those long team video calls).

The Future Of eCommerce

Canadians are increasingly shopping online and the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is reaffirming consumer behaviour behind the screen. If you are a business owner looking to sell online contact us at eStore Services to learn how we can get you selling online quickly, efficiently, and securely.

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