Your Own Online Store vs Marketplace Selling

Any businesses looking to sell their product on the internet has to make the decision on what platform to use to sell. E-Commerce takes two primary forms; personal stores, or using a marketplace such as Kijiji, eBay, or Facebook to connect with customers.

Both have their place, however, this article serves to show why any business serious about selling online should have their own store.

Personal Store

Allows You To Upload Products and for Customers To View

Allows Customers To Purchase Your Items

Showcase your Brand with Custom Design

Ability to Grow your Business Online Easily

Marketplace Selling

Allows You To Upload Products and for Customers To View

Depends On the Site

You are Limited by the Platfoorm’s Design

Marketplaces such as Kijiji are not Promoted by Google

Marketplace Selling

The use of marketplace selling for businesses is a good second avenue for your brand. However, don’t limit yourself to a single marketplace and have no place where all of your social media channels are put in one place. Search engines such as Google and Bing do not promote marketplace listings as much as they do personal sites. Without search engine support, you may be at risk of not reaching as many customers.

Marketplace selling also has gotten a bad reputation in the past few years as the platforms have been notorious for containing false advertising and consumer scams. Many customers avoid Marketplaces especially for large purchases when they can easily order the same item from a reputable website.

Most importantly, using a marketplace for your online business sales limits your ability to distinguish yourself from others with your branding. While you may be able to change your profile photo and biography on a marketplace; with an online store of your own you can have it look any way you wish.

Your Own Online Store

If you are serious about selling your products online, your business needs it’s own online store. Having your own online store gives you the most flexibility and room to grow. Ensure trust in your clients, customers are more likely to purchase from a well designed website rather than an questionable marketplace listing.

Having your own site does not have to mean you learn any programming or pay large sums of money to get it online. Many platforms such as Shopify can have you ready to sell in minutes. However, if you want the most success for your business having a professional setup your online store will give you the best results.

Your online store should be reflective on your brand image, utilizing consisting colouring and typography. Additionally, your site should keep SEO best practices in mind to ensure that search engines can promote your site properly.

Using a solution such as Shopify for your online store also allows you to use a plethora of plugins to help you run your business. You can have order tracking done automatically, book your clients online, and much more.

If you are looking for professional help in setting up your online store contact us at eStore Services to see how we can help you succeed online!

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