Why You Should Launch Your Business Online

An Online Presence is the Best Investment You Will Ever Make For Your Business

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The internet has steadily grown into a multi-billion dollar industry in Canada, with Canadians spend almost $40 billion online from their own devices.

For years business owners have felt that internet shopping was the biggest threat to their business. In it’s beginning stages to sell online it took quite a bit of technical knowledge to set-up an maintain the platform. Furthermore, the cost of paying someone to do it for you used to be out of reach for small business owners. However, nowadays, the internet has turned from an enemy to a major partner to small business owners.

Why Your Business Should Be Online

With the recent advancements in technology for e-commerce solutions the internet has now become accessible and affordable to most. Now, businesses can effectively connect with customers, sell their product, and grow their business for very little cost.

Vendors without a fixed retail spaces are often dependent on temporary locations to sell their product. With an online presence, you can find these customers without being dependent on external factors out of your control such as tourism, weather, or trade show attendance.

While being on the internet makes it possible to connect massive amounts of customers, sales will only pour in with effort from the business owner because they have a small footprint on the Internet.

Not every business is going to automatically morph into a huge success. However, with digital tools with rapid exponential growth is possible.

Online shopping is growing at a rapid rate. Selling online exposes your business to hundreds of millions of shoppers around the globe, allowing you to reach customers you may not have otherwise.

In Canada, consumers will spend almost $40 billion online in 2020. Of those sales, 50% are estimated to be with international retailers.

An online business may even replace your storefront. With rising rent you can look for office or retail space in a less prime location. Selling digitally can greatly reduce your financial-risk and will allow you to maintain more consistent margins with less upfront cost.

An online store also allows you to stay open 24/7, 365 days in a year to everyone, without paying any overtime (or missing important events). An online store can process transactions and assign shipping information without you being involved. Many online business owners make it a routine to check for new orders simply a few times a day, leaving them plenty of time to attend to the business in other ways.

If you own a business and are not online your customers are likely already trying to find you there. Only 44% of Local Retailers have claimed a Google My Business account, one of the biggest ways that customers search for data on businesses. Furthermore over 82% haven’t claimed a business listing on Microsoft’s Bing which is used for 1 in 5 US web searches.

From CanadiansInternet.com

Benefits of Your Business Being Online

Your business is no longer limited by physical location

You can stay on top of market trends comparing you business to others online

Operate at a lower cost than a brick-and-mortar location

Connect with millions of more potential customers

Make It Count

When you take your business online, be mindful of what social media channels you are communicating on and ensure your branding is up to your standards. If you launch a website, ensure it stays up to date with your relevant information. If you start using social media, ensure you post and check for messages on the accounts regularly checking for customer inquires. If your customers are searching for you online and come across information that is outdated, incorrect, or designed with a very outdated; it may be more harmful for your business than no presence at all.

If you are looking to launch your business online, and are looking for professional consultation and services in doing so, we at eStore Services specialize in online presence. We can help you start a social media presence, set up and maintain an online store, and advertise your brand. Contact us to see how we can help you achieve business growth online.

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